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Sigma back Sigma's Fantastic Art Lenses above / Solar Eclipse 2017 belowEclipse17 Rob Kumler, K&R Photographics ©2017      info as requested: Shot w/ Hasselblad X1D & 90mm


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 __________PocketWiz red

 Profoto B1 & B1X 500
Air-TTL Battery Powered Flash
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The Glass is the same,, but the NEW lenses will have a new shutter
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K & R Photographics--established in 1975, is the leading professional

supplier in the Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky Tri-State area. K & R was one of

the first high-end digital professional suppliers in the country, leading the way

with the original Leaf DCB (Brick), and has continued to lead, innovate, evaluate

and sell the BEST of breed in the various professional categories.

Prior to establishing K&R Photographics, Rob Kumler taught photography at a college level, and worked for four years as an outside technical representative for Treck (Eastman Kodak).

We built K&R upon a foundation of integrity, quality service and fair prices. K&R provides the newest & most trusted equipment, highest quality consumables, and dependable services. We are your digital solutions company.

We never sell gray market or alternative import items. Our equipment is covered by the manufacturers'

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