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The new "look & feel" are to show what we do
and the types of products we offer for you...  
K&R has a lot to offer that you may not see
on this site.   Please call to inquire.

Cincinnati Skyline test shot to compare to old Pano 


Specials New Promos Events / Shows

Canon EOS-1DX Mark III

CANON / K&R   Stop in or call to place your Pre-Order
Expected delivery starts Mid Febuary - $6499.

nikon d780 intro

Sigma Lenses,   K&R  Promo's

SIGMA / K&R    
 through  February 29th
Stop in or call to pick up or place your Order

nikon coolpix p950

NIKON CoolPix P950

NEW COOL All in 1 Camera

24 to 2000mm (35mm equivalant)
@ K&R Photographics

K&R DJI Osmo 3

NEW in Rental

DJI Osmo 3, 4k Camera & GIMBAL Stabilizer
Introductory rate only  $50 / day
Click on photo to see intro Video

Also in Rental the DJI RONON-M Stabilizer
only  $75 / day


In Stock    NOW 
Call 859-341-6986

K&R Photographics

Hasselblad X1D demo

normal list  $8995
Buy our store demo now for only $4995.

Sigma Lenses

Sigma Art Lenses 

Both Contemporary & Sports lens


Deals on Many Items 

Call with questions. We are competitive with all legitimate dealers.

Nikon Camera deals

Many Nikon Deals


Profoto A1

Profoto A 1 & A1X

In Stock  
 Now only $795 (A1) 350 or 450 FULL power flashes per Battery

Hasselblad H6D


In Stock
Trade-In deals for your old medium format 31 MPix+

Broncolor Scoro

Ask About Promo Deals 



Paper & muslin & vinyl

Nikon Z6, Z-6

Nikon  Z-7  &  Z-6

Promos on Z6 & Z7
NOW In Stock

Profoto B10 B-10

Profoto B-10

Video Story

Come see @ K&R NOW

canon 5dMIV

Canon 5D Mark IV

Save  $600.00
till March 1st

Nikon 750 850

Save   $300.00

Nikon 850 


Nikon 750 Deal

Nikon D780 Deal

Trade In a Working Camera

get an EXTRA  $300.00
on top of your trade - in

K&R @ Krohn

Krohn Butterfly Show

Photo Nights
 @ Krohn Conservatory
 I think everyone has enjoyed the experience and got a lot of beautiful images.  See you April 13 - May 18


538 - 542 Terry Lane                     
Crescent Springs, KY 41017


Email: wilma@krphotodigital.com
Phone: 1-859-341-6986        
Fax:  1-859-341-6987

K&R PhotoDigital

We want to deserve your business

Welcome to our New site.  
The new "look & feel" are to show
what we do and the types of
products we offer for you..

photo @ 2019 Rob Kumler